Two Kids in a Trenchcoat


May 2018 - October 2018

Two Kids in a Trenchcoat is a co-op only dating game about two kids in a trench coat trying to find love in the modern world while successfully posing as an adult.


I worked as a Co-Creator on this project with an emphasis on production, design, and engineering. I worked with a team of three over a production time of three months to develop the game's demo, and spent another three months promoting the game, fixing bugs, and publishing it on 


Additionally, my responsibilities included:

  • Setting goals and assigning tasks to a team of three through a personally managed burndown chart. 

  • Adjusting the game's scope to account for project milestones and fixing bugs. 

  • Creating the game's high concept, working with the two other designers to come up with mechanics that took advantage of the unique affordances of our ideas. 

  • Writing a fully functional branching narrative that could be played through multiple times for different endings. 

  • Coding/debugging a functional dialogue tool which runs a co-op controlled branching narrative. 


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