Ideal Meal

Designer | Publicity Coordinator

September 2017 - March 2019

Ideal Meal is a cooperative field game about making a humongous bowl of ramen! Use massive chopsticks to handle larger than life ingredients with your friends, preparing them all according to a wacky recipe. 

As Publicity Coordinator, I managed Ideal Meal's social media to create custom weekly posts over a period of one year. Additionally, I organized a ten-month festival run across the West Coast.

As a Designer, I worked with my team to create core mechanics via actions that were easy to understand and felt natural to execute with the game's "controls".

Additionally, my responsibilities included:

  • Analyzing post trends to refine content and find our target audience.

  • Creating and submitting festival applications. 

  • Editing content to showcase the game's core mechanics and values. 

  • Playtesting and iterating on the game's "ingredients" to ensure that each offered unique affordances.

Festivals / Honors

  • E3 2018

  • Indiecade 2018

  • GDC 2018 in Mild Rumpus

  • USC Games Expo 2018

  • The Getty Museum (temp installment)

  • GDC 2019 Panel