Producer | Narrative Lead

April 2019 - July 2020

Ginkgo is an East Asian-inspired 3D horror game in which you solve puzzles with a magical needle. It was a USC Games 2019 Advanced Games Project developed for the PC in Unreal.


As Producer, I assigned weekly tasks to a team of 23, using Trello and custom-created Excel burndowns to meet internal goals and project milestones. We created a polished 25 minute demo with >30000 downloads.

As Narrative Lead, I worked with Designers and the Creative Director to craft a world and cohesive story that gave context to the game's mechanics and world. I wrote all in-game text, as well as outlines & story treatments for internal use and to present to USC Games faculty.

Additionally, my responsibilities included: 

  • Calculating project trajectory and setting project goals with all department leads. 

  • Personally handling a shift to online work during COVID-19, rescoping and making sure my team was safe.

  • Creating/Executing narrative presentations to the USC Games faculty for iterative feedback.

  • Managing Art and Audio asset lists/pipelines via custom Gantt charts.

  • Planning team outings and maintaining good culture/ motivation.

Festivals / Honors

  • USC Games Expo 2020

  • Intel University Games Showcase 2020

    • 3rd for Best Gameplay​

  • Inside Unreal Student Showcase Stream

  • 2020 BAFTA Student Showcaser