Co-Creator | Producer

Dec. 2018 - June 2019

Elementary is a turn-based RPG for PC about elementary schoolers using the power of music via rhythm combat to save their classmates from turning into tuneless, offbeat zombies.


As Co-Creator and Producer, I worked with a 4-person team to develop a fully functional 15-minute demo in 6 months. I created / maintained a burndown chart, & wrote / implemented all narrative including coding a custom dialogue system. 


My responsibilities also included:

  • Setting goals and assigning tasks via a burndown chart in Excel.

  • Adjusting scope with my Co-Creator to account for milestones, bugs, and setbacks while maintaining our creative vision.

  • Creative problem-solving to work around scoping issues.

  • Creating spritesheets, backgrounds, and combat UI assets.

  • Collaboratively designing and iterating on the combat system.