Detour Bus

Lead Writer

May 2020 - May 2021

Detour Bus is a construction-comedy VR game about building physics-defying highways to take the dysfunctional Flowers family on a road trip across Post-Infrastructure America.

It is currently being developed as a USC Advanced Games Project partnered with the Oculus Launch Pad Program.

As Lead Writer, I write mission dialogue, quest objectives, and in-game barks and dialogue with another writer, iterating on each based off feedback from my team, stakeholders, and professors.

Additionally, my responsibilities include: 

  • Using Unity to test / iterate on dialogue blocking and quest text.

  • Giving feedback on 360-degree cutscene scripts. 

  • Working with designers to hash out the narrative flow and significance of each level. 

  • Preparing narrative macros, overviews, and story treatments for review by stakeholders and USC Games faculty.