Blizzard Ent. Classic Games

Production Intern

June 2020 - August 2020

I was a Production Intern at Blizzard Entertainment in Summer 2020, on the Classic Games team, working most with Heroes of the Storm. 

My main project was constructing a teamwide pipeline, a process which hadn't existed previously, for conducting weekly playtests with any Classic game. I was in charge of designing processes for recruiting playtesters, remotely acquiring builds for each game, and executing the weekly playtests. I had to understand and get buy-in from each Classic game team in order for this project to get off the ground, and documented all of my work in Confluence. 

In addition to this, I helped run sprints, conduct standups, and update the Jira for a Heroes feature team. I also wrote product descriptions and PR Blurbs for the CraftWars Event and collaboratively wrote HOTS champion Hogger's voice lines