As it Is

Lead Writer | Narrative Designer

December 2017 - Present (Ongoing)

A watercolor, storybook-like 2D narrative adventure game about the growth of two characters: socially anxious Hedgehog and disillusioned former champion flyer Hawk.

As Lead Writer, I wrote every line of dialogue and item description in the game's current demo. I also worked with my team to create the world and characters.

As Narrative Designer, I designed the game's two main narrative minigames with my team, making sure they elicited our intended play experience while matching the personalities of their respective characters. 

Additionally, my responsibilities included:

  • Using Unity Engine to create/ test prototypes.

  • Writing over 20,000 words of drafts, edits, and final cuts for all of the writing present in the game.

  • Orchestrating all of the game's cutscenes.

  • Working with a team of nine to iterate on the game's main characters and NPCs, ensuring each had a distinctive voice. 

This game has demoed at Indiecade 2018, PixelPop Festival 2018, PlayNYC 2018, MAGFest 2019, USC Games Expo 2019, MAGWest 2019, was a GameDaily Connect 2019 finalist, and was selected as a USC 2019 Bridge Project.