My name is Milo Smiley. I'm a Game Writer and Producer. Currently, I'm a senior at the University of Southern California with a major in Interactive Media and Game Design and a minor in Screenwriting

I'm also a freelance writer with published professional / creative work. In my free time (when I'm not gaming) I love skating, watching coming of age films, and, as a transmasculine person of color, doing advocacy work to help other minorities.

My passion for Game Writing comes from my longtime love of stories. When the real world was difficult, or confusing, I found solace in stories. I rooted for my favorite characters and felt empowered by those who represented a part of my identity.


Games have the incredible ability to deliver stories in an interactive and immersive manner, making players a part of extraordinary narratives and giving them power over the outcome. This has inspired me to focus my work on narrative immersion so all kinds of players can fall in love with stories like I did.

As a Producer, my top priority is my team. I take deep responsibility in helping them use their strongest skills to create content they're proud of. I want developers to express their creativity in a sustainable manner that avoids crunch and burnout. 


I've worked with teams ranging from 3 to 30+ people and shipped over 5 games during my time at the top gaming program in the US. I focus on tasks that fit developers' strengths and schedules while allowing them to work on features they're passionate about in order to produce a polished final product. ​